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  Clark has been working in music all of his adult life. He recently won an Emmy for score mixing for Amazon’s television series, “Mozart in the Jungle.” This was his second nomination and first Emmy win. He also won a Grammy for his work on Wayne Shorter’s record, Allegria. He was previously nominated in the “Best Engineered Record” category in 1995.

   While still in high school, he started doing live sound at the infamous downtown punk club, The Hong Kong Café. There he worked with early LA punk luminaries X, The Bags, Circle Jerks, Agent Orange, The Gears, and Social Distortion to name a few.

   He then went on to Mystic Sound in Hollywood working on records for local punk bands. Unsatisfied with the quality of the records he was working on, he took a position at Hollywood Sound Recorders, at the time a top studio in the R&B and pop business. While there he worked with Michael Jackson, The Crusaders, Angel City, Tina Turner, Laura Branigan, as well as other artists.

  After 3 years at Hollywood Sound Recorders, Clark decided it was time to make a change and moved to Italy. While living in Milan, he received several job offers. One job included living in a 14th century castle in a room overlooking a forest. The choice was obvious! He spent 2 years in Italy working with various artists, and riding his bicycle through the mountains of the Lombardia region.

 Upon moving back to the states, he took a job at Oceanway Recording. At the time, in the mid 80s, it was one of the premier studios in Los Angeles. While there he had the opportunity of learning from some of the best producers and engineers in the industry, working on albums with artists ranging from Lionel Richie to Madonna, U2, Simple Red, Iggy Pop, Joe Sample and XTC, just to name a few. He learned the finer points of capturing a jazz performance, orchestral mic’ing, pop production, film scoring, and mixing.

  Since leaving Oceanway in 1991, Clark has traveled to many places for recording and mixing, including: Cuba, Spain, Korea, Italy, England, Japan, France and all over the U.S. working with artists such as Herbie Hancock, The Counting Crows, Wayne Shorter, The Fray, Chick Corea, David Benoit, Angélique Kidjo, Sting, James Ingram, and Placido Domingo.

   His scoring credits include: recording and mixing scores for Michell Colombier for 4 years, as well as working on scores with Bill Conti, Christopher Young, Nicholas Pike, Ira Newborn, Wendy & Lisa, and Disney amongst others.

  When not traveling the world, he does most of his mixing and overdub work at his own WonderWorld Studio, located in Laurel Canyon in the Hollywood Hills.

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